This game is a GMTK2019 entry and is created in 48 hours!

You have to reach the goal in 1 minute or else you get converted!

You have 1 bullet to kill a zombie or yourself!

Zombies and corpses stay for the next survivor.

move: WASD
jump: space
shoot: left click
suicide: right click
next/previous level: k/L
reset level: r

I'm happy for every feedback!

 Feel free to contact me!


me Planschi!

+Music by Kevin MacLeod license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) link:


Download 23 MB


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wow, this game is pretty unique! 

But I think that the gameplay would be much better when the camera is totally focused on the player. 

I did a shitty speedrun of your game

Muhahaha new world record!

How did you get that video overlay? I want revenge ;)

It's LiveSplit!

I downloaded it and tried setting hotkeys to activate it but it was super annoying. Is there a way to make it detect when a game is started or something? I guess I just have to get used to using it

You guy are awesome xD thank you for the video!!

You guy are awesome xD thank you for the video!!

This game surprised me a lot. The music and art at first glance were off putting, and I was expecting a boring, upsetting and confusing game. But, after reading the controls and messing around a bit, I discovered that this game has some VERY cool mechanics! Balancing whether to use your bullet to make yourself into a stepping stone or to clear the path for your next character was very fun, and making sure there weren't too many zombies was great!

You should take the time to rebuild this from the ground up and make a truly good game. With polish, this could be awesome!

Thank you I'm glad you noticed potential! Reading your comment really motivates me again  thank you for you comment =)


Very cool, jump feels a bit weird, because if you hold jump while in the air you glide. But other than that the game is great. Would have been nice to have a tutorial in game, but that's fine I figured it out pretty quickly. At the start I didn't know that you could kill yourself so some of the jumps were impossible but I figured it out. Overall solid game.


haha thank you! I'm glad you like it =)

yes still dont know how to get a polished jump so fast ^^

It's all good its all challenge to make a platformer feel good.